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The Goat is always looking for more vendors! If you provide a great local product, or can recommend someone you think we should talk to, use the contact form at the bottom of this page, or shoot us an email. 

As always stop by our Carlsborg Cafe to taste the freshest, local, homegrown snacks in the Olympic Peninsula. Or catch us every Saturday at the Port Angeles Farmers Market. 

D’s Nuts

Toasted, roasted, candied pecans, cashews, almonds and other nuts in an assortment of flavors. You can purchase a personal sized order in our store, or find an assortment of samplings in your charcuterie boxes. 

Hope Rising MicroGreens

Fresh, delicious, and locally grown microgreens serving Port Angeles, Sequim and Port Townsend, Washington. Grown in organic soil, harvested at peak freshness, and found in all your sammies, salads and more. 

Bedford Soda’s

Bedford’s Sodas are truly craft produced in small batches on site at Orca Beverages! Each flavor has been carefully selected using only the best ingredients available. Cane Sugar provides the smooth taste blended with that perfect flavoring, and a carbonation level that is just right, not offensive!

Umchu Bars

Not all snack bars are created equal. Completely gluten-free, non-GMO, dairy-free, soy-free and void of any high fructose corn syrup, Umchu Bars take things back to the basics. Drawing inspiration from the naturally raw diets of ancient cavemen, we’ve designed high quality snack bars that consist of nothing but the finest all natural ingredients. Handmade in small batches, we make it a point to keep the production process simple and minimal. Unlike mass-produced nutrition snacks, our delicacies are created with love from start to finish.

Chukar Cherries

Chukar partnered with family farmers in Washington and Oregon who agreed to leave their unpicked cherries hanging on the tree a week longer to increase the sugars, there by naturally preserving the fruit. This resulted in a new market for local cherry growers.

By dehydrating her cherries in warm wind tunnels, Pam has been able to create delicious cherry sauces, chocolate candies and other delicious offerings that you can find in your crepes and in your snackbleboxes.

Coville Fish Company

Wild Caught Salmon and Dungeness Crab – From Boat to Table​
​​Serving the greater Port Angeles, WA area. 

Buena Luz Bakery

Local Port Angeles bakery offering fresh made pastries and bread daily. You will find a varierty of their baked goods in our store for purchase, or in your charcuterie baskets. 

Sequim Bee Farm

Offered in 2oz jars from the amazing selection of seasonal, local honey’s. You will find this local honey featured in crepes, salads and in your charcuterie to go boxes. 

Spring Rain Farm and Orchard

From red and white currants to gooseberries, rasberries, to boysenberries, and marionberries, their organic fruit is fresh and delicious.

Hopscotch Farm + Cannery

Hopscotch’s canned goods are crafted from farm-grown fruit, veggies & herbs. By maintaining soil health, growing heirloom varieties, and harvesting crops at peak ripeness and quality, they ensure their products are both nutritious and highlight the flavor of the vegetables they grow.

Hempler’s Foods

”Whether it’s pork, beef, chicken or turkey, all Hemplers products rely on quality meat from quality farms, supplied locally, as much as possible, from sustainable sources. They partner with Three Sisters Farm in Oak Harbor, Washington to bring the delicious hot dogs featured at the Goat Cart and in our Carlsborg Cafe.

Evergreen Meats

Back in 1934, local logging camps and restaurants throughout the Olympic Peninsula relied on Evergreen Meats to deliver various cuts of meat. Since those early years, we have grown right alongside our friends, families and neighbors by supporting their businesses. Now we sell directly to you right from our office.​

In 1977 Evergreen Meats was purchased by the Chiasson family and is still owned and operated by them to this day. Evergreen Meats is located in the beautiful coastal town of Port Angeles, Washington.​

Pane d’Amore Bakery

“We built a bakery because we love good bread, hard work and our community. Feeding people the best product we can make using the best ingredients we can find at home, in the state, and around the world, never loses its appeal. We continually strive for a better product, a kinder approach to using our resources and keeping our tradition of sharing a priority.”

Goodness Tea

“OUR MISSION at Goodness Tea Farm & Forage is to infuse regenerative practices and replenishing habits into the fiber of life. Herbal teas offer healing with hydration; making water soluble compounds in herb, berry, root and flower a delight to take in. Goodness tea-time is an excellent way to craft a healthy life through refreshment that truly sustains. WE BELIEVE  in organic practices, local sourcing and collaborations: Earth-Care, People-Care, and Just Finances. Practically this shows up as transparent collaborative processes, community benefit design, reparations payments and indigenous royalties.”

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